Free Comics Halloween Comicfest 27th October 2018
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    Free Comic Book Day at Incognito Comics 2018

    Free Comic Book Day at Incognito Comics 2018

    Held on the first Saturday of May Free Comic Books Day is about celebrating comic books with your local comic book shop. Each publisher creates a comic book and customers can pick them up for FREE during Free Comic Book Day, Saturday 5th May 2018. 

    Incognito Comics will be holding events during the day at our Cheltenham store from 9:30am-5:30pm. We also want our interstate customers to have access to Free Comic Book Day and if you place an eligible order online on 5th May 2018 you will be able to select your Free Comic Books!

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    Where do I start collecting Hellboy??!

    Where do I start collecting Hellboy??!

    Where do I start collecting Hellboy??! A simple enough question with a surprisingly convoluted answer. Luckily I’ve put in the work and created an easy to follow list, AND I’m here if you have questions.

    Like a lot of others, Hellboy was a book I always wanted to read; the unique art style mixed with an eerie Lovecraftian feel always interested me. Sadly, it has taken me until recently to dive into the title. A big part of this is because I prefer reading Issues as opposed to Trade Paperbacks. Issues are usually a once off printing, meaning you had to be there when the issue was released, or find someone who was there and is willing to sell their copy; this can mean you may end up pay more than you are willing to. 

    Fortunately, the back issues of Hellboy and B.P.R.D. spin-off’s haven’t gone up in price significantly. However pricing isn’t the hardest part of collecting Hellboy. Figuring out how to navigate the incredibly convoluted numbering system takes time, research, and determination. 

    As some people might know Hellboy has never been an ongoing title. It has always been released as a mini-series of short stories. The first Hellboy mini-series is ‘Seed of Destruction’ which ran for 4 issues. The next story was the ‘Wolves of St. August’ which ran in Dark Horse Presents #88-91. This is where finding certain stories starts to get tough. It’s not as simple as picking up issue #1-50 of Hellboy. 

    A much easier way (and probably smarter way!) is to pick up the trade paperbacks. The trades include all of the small and hard to find stories as they are collected and reprinted in these volumes. All volumes are numbered and they are a much easier way for readers to enjoy the whole story and not spend endless hours hunting down issues. But for the collectors out there (like myself) who enjoy a good hunt for issues, we have compiled a comprehensive list of every Hellboy (in continuity) issue printed since 1993. This includes all B.P.R.D., Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson, Witchfinder and a lot more. The list is broken down by release month and it is a great way to ensure you have a complete collection. Good Luck! 

    Download the Excel Spreadsheet HERE