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    New Direction Update & Changes

    New Direction Update & Changes
    We have made the decision to stop ordering in New Release single issues and focus on Back Issues. This will take effect at the end of June (and some releases in July). We will continue to order new products such as the popular omnibuses, hardcovers and trade paperbacks. However we will be listing them on the website & social pages when they arrive in-store and are ready to ship out.

    This is a decision we have made so that we can focus on areas of the business that are gaining more interest from customers. We are STILL open online 24/7 as a comic shop, we just won't have the new release issues.

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    FCBD 2022

    FCBD 2022

    Saturday 7 May 2022 is Free Comic Book Day!

    Another year and we've ordered in some comic books to give away for FREE!

    To receive 1 FCBD issue simply place an order on our website from Saturday 7 May. For every $10 spent receive another FCBD issue*.

    Spend $10 and receive 2 FCBD issues, spend $20 and receive 3 FCBD issues, etc.

    We'll be giving away these comics until they are all GONE! Simply let us know which comics you would most prefer to receive and we'll do our best to send out your requests!

    We have available:

    1. 2000 AD
    2. Archie
    3. Avatar
    4. Avengers/X-Men/Eternals: Judgement Day
    5. Barbaric
    6. Bloodborne
    7. Bone Orchard Mythos
    8. Buffy
    9. Bunny Mask
    10. Clementine
    11. Dark Crisis
    12. Donald Duck
    13. Galaxy: Prettiest Star
    14. Hollow
    15. Inca Universe
    16. Jonna and the Umpossible Monsters
    17. Kaiju
    18. Nottingham
    19. Overstreet Guide
    20. Pokemon
    21. Primos
    22. Red Sonja
    23. Sonic the Hedgehog
    24. Spider-man/Venom
    25. Spidey: Amazing Friends
    26. Super Pets
    27. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    28. Tex: In the Land of the Seminoles
    29. Valiant 2022
    30. Winchester Mystery House: Hundred Year Curse

    As an EXTRA BONUS we have 50% OFF select Back Issues until 12th May 2022. A great way to add to your order, get extra FREE COMICS and if you spend more than $95 we'll even ship the order to you for FREE! A HUGE amount of extras. Just to recap that's:

    1. 50% Off select back issues (easier to reach the $10 tiers)
    2. For each $10 spent we'll ship an EXTRA FCBD issue with your order*
    3. Free Shipping on orders over $95*

    It's a great Saturday to be buying comics!

    Find the Back Issue Sale Here

    *We will ship out issues for as long as stocks last. $10 spend requirement excludes shipping costs. Free Shipping is available on domestic orders over $95. Any orders that contain pre-orders will ship out once the final pre-order arrives.

    Brand New Pre-Order Discounts

    Brand New Pre-Order Discounts
    We've come up with a way to ensure customers don't miss out with Early pre-orders. This is an opportunity for you to look through all the upcoming releases and place an order for whichever comics, covers, new items you want. On top of being able to plan your month in advance and control exactly what you want to continue collecting we are giving early pre-orders the option of discounts up to 25% off new items.

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    Looking into 2021

    Looking into 2021
    It has been an interesting 12 months for comic books and 2021 has started strong.

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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020

    This year we are CRAZY. We have so many deals coming your way you definitely have to pay attention.

    Launching our Weekend of Deals is the HUGE savings on Three Jokers, DC's big event for 2020.

    Deal #1
    Three Jokers savings on #1, 2 and 3! Running until Monday or until we are SOLD OUT

    • Main covers of #1, 2, & 3 for $30 (NOT $45)
    • Cover B packs #1, 2 & 3 for $35 (NOT $50)
    • OR ALL 9 PREMIUM covers #1, 2 & 3 for $100 (NOT $180)

    Deal #2

    Save on ALL statues for 3 hours!

    • Starts 8am Friday 27th Nov and finishes 11am 27th Nov 2020
    • Valid on in-stock statues only
    • Receive 13% OFF statues

    Deal #3

    • FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders over $50
    • 5 HOURS ONLY - Starts Friday 27th Nov 10am and finishes 3pm 27th November
    • All parcels are registered
    • Orders that contain pre-order items will be shipped when pre-orders arrive in-store

    Deal #4

    • Starts 12pm and finishes 3pm Friday 27th November 2020
    • Valid on in-stock magazines
    • Receive 15% OFF (CODE: BFMAG15)

    Deal #5

    Save on Hadcovers for 2 1/2 hours!
    • Starts 4pm and finishes 6:30pm 27th November 2020
    • Valid on in-stock Hardcovers
    • Receive 15% OFF
    • Don't miss out (oh and FREE SHIPPING over $95!)

    Deal #6


    Deal #7

    .... how many will there be???



    Terms & Conditions:

    All deals are only available on in-stock items. All orders that contain pre-orders will be sent out once the item arrives in-store. Each discount is available for one use per customer and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. One discount applies to each order (no further discounts can be given). Excludes pull list and standing order items, cannot be used with any other discounts, does not apply to already reduced items (reader draw and discount shelf). Customers who do not enter manual codes at checkout will not receive discount. Incognito Comics reserves the right to cancel and refund all orders. All orders placed with the store agree with Incognito Comics Terms & Conditions.