Start Planing Now! Free Comic Book Day 5th May 2018
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    Comic books and Comic book characters have been a strong passion for me for as long as I can remember. My first journey into the world of comics was with the X-Men in the 90’s. I started reading the big 2 (Marvel & DC) and slowly over time started picking up creator owned books and smaller publisher titles, like Valiant. Since then my comic collection has grown to include thousands of books and I have enjoyed countless hours reading some of the best stories ever written. 

    My love for comics and my desire to have a store that is welcoming, fun and inclusive for all drove my partner and I to open our own online Comic Book Store. Since then we have travelled all over Australia to attend comic conventions and meet comic and pop culture fans. In October 2017 we moved into a warehouse that has a showroom and we are so excited to have a base location to host events, launches, and hang out all day amongst our favourite stuff.  Comics aren’t just for kids, Comics are for everyone and we want to build a community of people who want to share in all things comics. We are striving to bring you the very best in comic books and pop culture products, including manga, statues and toys. 

    Contact us today about setting up a pre-order or pull list so you don’t miss a single issue! We are also sourcing quality MYLAR comic bags so our customers have a choice in how they store and archive their books! If you have back issues you no longer read or want WE BUY COMICS! 

    It is easy to contact us via our social media pages (Facebook @incognitocomics, Instagram @incognitocomics) or better yet come see us at the store 2/34 Christensen Street, Cheltenham VICTORIA 3192. We are always happy to answer your questions, have a chat, or send you the book you need. Email us today at for any issues you may have or if you are looking for something particular, we are more than happy to help and want to make sure you have a great reading experience.


    2/34 Christensen Street, Cheltenham 3192 (Victoria)

     Opening Times:

    Monday:  11am-5pm

    Tuesday:  11am-5pm

    Wednesday: 1pm-7pm

    Thursday: 11am-7pm

    Friday: 11am-7pm

    Saturday: 11am-4pm

    Sunday: 11am-4pm


    New Years Day: Closed

    Australia Day: 11am-1pm

    Easter Friday: Closed

    Easter Saturday: 11am-4pm

    Easter Sunday: Closed

    Anzac Day: Closed

    Grand Final Friday (VIC): 11am-4pm

    Melbourne Cup: 11am-4pm

    Christmas Eve: 10am-4pm

    Christmas Day: Closed

    Boxing Day: TBC