50% OFF THESE BACK ISSUES 26th May - 1st June 2022
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    Got some old issues you not longer want? Need to make some room in your collection?
    We are always eager to stock as many back issues as possible so others can find the book they have been looking for.
    As such we actively buy back issues. We ask all sellers to send through an email to contact@incognitocomics.com.au with a list, their location (for freight considerations) and expectation of price.
    This allows us to start on the same page as you and we will be able to know if we are the best partner to sell your comics to.
    We need to know your expectation as we are often contacted by people who 'find' comic books but do not understand that most single issues have little to no value except for that 1 person in 100,000 who is looking for that specific issue.
    This is why we have built our database and continually work to add more items, so that collectors, readers, hobbyists, and fans can find that 1 issue they need.
    Knowing your expectations makes it easier for us to know if we can help you sell your comics.
    We will get back to you as soon as possible with more info!