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    December 2021 DC Pre-Orders


    ORDERS DUE: 7pm WEDNESDAY 20th December 2021


    AND WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL: 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd February 2022 AND BEYOND

    • All items listed are Pre-Orders for the month of February 2022 and beyond
    • Not all items solicited by Publishers are listed. If you are looking for a specific item please reach out to us so we can make it available
    • Orders must be in by the 20th of December 2021 7pm AEDT (Melbourne time)
    • Pre-orders will close for these items 20th December 2021 and will not become available for order again until WEEK BEFORE their release
    • These orders are FINAL as of order due date and cannot be amended or refunded after this date
    • Previews catalogues are available as PDF digital download within the Previews TAB on the website - HERE
    • If items are cancelled by the publisher we will refund the item and send your order out
    • Orders that include pre-order items will not ship until pre-orders arrive
    • Pick-up orders will be notified when items are available each week of release


    You MUST enter code at checkout to receive full discount. Discount ONLY available on October pre-orders. Order total must be reached within 1 single order. Orders cannot be combined after they have been placed and discounts cannot be added after checkout. You can place multiple orders for the month and use discounts for each individual order if you meet the minimums.

  • Spend $95 and receive free shipping on your order
  • Spend over $150 & receive 10% off with code: DECPREORDERLVL1
  • Spend over $250 & receive 15% off with code: DECPREORDERLVL2
  • Spend over $350 & receive 20% off with code: DECPREORDERLVL3
  • Spend over $450 & receive 25% off with code: DECPREORDERLVL4

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